Root Canals in Norwalk

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Get Relief From Pain

Root Canals

At Riverwalk Dental Care, Dr. David Nill is here to help you get the expert dental care you need in Norwalk if you have an infected tooth. With root canal therapy, Dr. Nill can remove the infected pulp from your tooth, restore the outside of the tooth, and provide you with relief from your toothache. Read on to learn more, or contact us now for same-day care in Norwalk if you have a serious toothache.

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Understanding The Basics

What Causes Infected Teeth?

Root canals are only necessary if your tooth has become infected, and there are two ways that this usually happens. 
Most commonly, a cavity in your tooth has become very deep and extensive, and breaches the hard outer layers of “enamel” and “dentin” that protect the inside of your tooth. 

When this happens, the “pulp” inside the tooth becomes infected by oral bacteria. Over time, the pulp will begin to die, causing serious pain and discomfort and eventually resulting in the death and loss of your tooth. 

The second way that a tooth infection can happen is if a dental injury breaks or cracks your tooth. This can also expose the pulp inside your tooth, allowing it to become infected by bacteria, and resulting in an infected tooth that requires root canal therapy.

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Recognizing The Signs

That You Need A Root Canal

The most easy-to-recognize sign of an infected tooth is a very painful toothache that won’t go away after a few days. If you are experiencing this issue, you should definitely see a dentist right away.

There are some other signs you may also recognize, such as discoloration of the tooth, serious tooth sensitivity when biting and chewing, swelling in the face and cheek near the area, or discoloration and inflammation of the gum tissue near the affected tooth. You should contact Riverwalk Dental Care right away if you notice these issues.

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What To Expect

The Root Canal Process

To begin the process, your mouth will be numbed and cleaned. Then, Dr. David Nill will clean the treatment area and then will remove any damaged tooth material with a dental drill. Then, he will use the drill to create a small opening in the surface of your tooth.

Through this opening, Dr. Nill will use a variety of special dental tools to clean and remove decayed and infected pulp from the interior of your tooth. Once the inside of the tooth has been fully cleaned and sanitized, it will be filled with a rubberlike substance called “gutta-percha,” which helps to strengthen and support the tooth.

Finally, the tooth is sealed with a filling or temporary crown. Depending on your case, you may need to come back to get a permanent porcelain crown to restore and protect your tooth.

Does It Hurt

To Get A Root Canal?

No. The process of getting a root canal does not hurt at all. Your mouth will be totally numb during your root canal treatment, and we also offer sedation for patients who may be nervous or anxious about their treatment. You will be in good hands with Dr. David Nill, so get in touch now if you think you need root canal therapy in Norwalk.

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