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Get to Know Dr. David Nill

Meet Dr. David Nill, your local Norwalk, Connecticut dentist who is thrilled to provide you with compassionate, experienced care. As a dentist, Dr. Nill believes taking care of your teeth should feel rewarding and exciting. So he’s dedicated to defeating dental anxieties, and making visits comfortable and carefree. He loves connecting with his patients in meaningful ways, and helping them understand how the impact of great oral health leads to an overall healthier, more joy-filled life.

Modern, Comfortable Care

At Riverwalk, your comfort and wellbeing come first. So we work hard to make sure empathy and care is translated into every aspect of our practice. We’ve designed our dental office to be a cozy, yet open sanctuary equipped with modern amenities, so each visit inspires relaxation and a sense of home. We also pair the most current tools and tech with advanced treatment methods, so you can trust each appointment will always be gentle, efficient, and pain-free.

Comprehensive Services

Dr. Nill and the team are proud to offer Norwalk patients with an array of comprehensive dental services. From educating patients on the importance of preventive care, to uplifting confidence with our transformative smile makeovers, we’re here to help you flourish. Dr. Nill will always provide honest, understanding guidance, and co-partner with you in creating a treatment plan that compliments your unique lifestyle.

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We believe that dentistry as a whole is about caring for our community. We do what we do because we love creating a healthier, happier Norwalk. Through knowledge, candid connection, and our commitment to high quality care, Dr. Nill and our kind crew are excited to redefine Norwalk dentistry. Give us a call at (203) 286-8668 to elevate your dental care and join our patient community today!